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Below will be positions we are looking for an what we are looking for in those positions:

Paranormal Investigator: 

 "A paranormal investigator (PI) is a person who investigates claims regarding the presence of ghosts, demons, spirits, aliens, lake monsters, the chupacabra, and other "strange and bizarre" things. (The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) lists 45 subjects for investigation. The Skeptic's Dictionary Paranormal Topics page lists over 50 subjects.)"

Tech Manager and Camera Operator: 

 Manages all aspects of Tech. Changing batteries, keeping cameras on chargers, set up and tear down of all tech at a location. In constant communication with the Director or Team Lead on where to set up equipment. The other responsibilities of the Tech and Camera operators is making sure they are with a group to capture footage for the web series “Paranormal Oregon” Good and useable footage for the series is really important. Being around members of the team, and around the “action” is really important.