Live Radio! 



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You will be muted upon entrance to the call. 

Chat room Rules!

Even though chat is uncensored, there are a few basic rules that I ask everyone to abide by:

1. Please refrain from using profanities
2. Do not post a personal insult about another user
3. Do not advertise, solicit, or post links without prior permission from an Admin or Moderator 
4. Do not post libellous or defamatory comments
5. Do not post content which you have copied from someone else (i.e. you do not own the copyright)
6. Do not impersonate another user
7.Visual sexual references are not allowed.
8. If you are going to make a claim, you better have the evidence to back it up and prove it.
The Owner(s) and Chat moderators have the final say. If you do something that violates the rules of the Chatroom, they have the right to ban you from the chat room for a certain period of time, or forever. Please respect everyone in chat. Thank you!