‚Äčabout the Oregon Paranormal Society

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The group was founded out of interest in the paranormal when the director was in high school. The interest of the group grew from just wanting to hunt ghosts to wanting to help people. Over the past couple of years, the group grew from from only a couple of members to 3 full time active members. The group doesn't discriminate on the age of a member; nor does it discriminate on the age of our client that we try to help.

Our methods vary from investigation to investigation. We use various methods and each investigation is different, what we do or do not do is at the discretion of our clients.

An Amazing opportunity has came across the group's desk. We are currently working on arranging an investigation at a truely exciting location. We are proud to be asked to investigate here. We will be the first ever paranormal team to investigate this location since its closure. 

More information will follow. 

The Oregon Paranormal Society has been working on locations and scripts for a Season 3. Season 3 is going to consist of 8 Episodes.

Pre-Production of Season 3 has been completed. Next phase will be traveling to the locations to start filming. 

More details coming soon.